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Tonton Anime Bullbuster Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia Online dalam HD di anoBoy.Bullbuster Episode 6 Online gratis. Unduh Gratis Bullbuster Episode dalam video berkualitas tinggi. Tetap terhubung dengan Ano Boy untuk menonton Semua Pembaruan Anime terbaru.



Rating 0.0
Status: Ongoing Type: TV Censor: Censored
A young engineer, Tetsurou Okino, is transferred to a vermin extermination company called Hato Industries with the new robot Bullbuster that he developed himself. There, Hato Industries, a small company with little money, and its president Tajima are against a mysterious creature. There are fuel costs for robots, labor costs for pilots, and of course, wasting even a single bullet is unacceptable. Between their ideals of extermination and the reality of budgets, what does the future hold for Hato? (Source: Translated, edited from official website)


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